Who We Are: Founding Donors

We are very grateful to our founding donors. Patrons have donated more than £25,000; our founding members have donated more than £10,000 and our Associate Members have donated more than £5000. Aside from the Financial Times itself, which seed-funded the charity, we would like to thank the following for their large-scale pledges:


June Felix

Adrian Frost

Richard Bigwood

Clare Woodman

Roger Miners

Colm Kelleher

Anne Richards

Lord Michael Spencer

Stephen Yiu

Andreas Utermann

Jeremy Woodley

Founding Members

Anabel Altenburg

Mark Husson

Tim Ranzetta

Gabriel Rondon

Naguib Kheraj

Piers Butler

Michael Mabbutt

Robert Rooney

Dixit Joshi / Joshi Family Foundation

Tim Hennock

Mervyn Davies

Aron Miodownik

Hugh Stevenson

Stephanie and Greg Guyett

Alex Petrov

Tom Gosling

Shivani Pathak

Keith de Vaz

Deborah Finkler

Associate Members

Win Bischoff

Shriti Vadera

Mark Aedy

Dalip and Chandrika Pathak

Rutu Buddhev

Ian Wood

Jim O'Neil

Stephen Clapham

Michael Power

Patrick Colby Cunningham

Jonathan Gamble

Anthony Thomson

Sachin Mitra & Meredith Bourne

Funding organisations

Black Heart Foundation


Ford Foundation

CISI Future Foundation

Covid-19 Support Fund (via the Association of British Insurers)

City of London Academies Trust