Our Mission

We want learning to manage your money to become as common as learning to ride a bicycle.

FT FLIC will promote financial literacy where it is needed most to have significant, sustainable societal impact.

The charity will work at the grassroots level but will also seek to influence the macro policy while building a platform of homegrown and partner content that can be leveraged globally for maximum effect.

Financial resilience can be boosted enormously by understanding how money works in everyday life. Our initial focus will be on the UK, though we aim to expand globally over time. The wealth gap in the UK and around the world has been widened by the Covid pandemic, exacerbating deprivation for many, adding to the challenges facing young people and weighing disproportionately on women.

  • We hope for a future where everyone feels capable of navigating the financial world, thanks to a more tailored financial education, simpler products and more straightforward information.


  • Our aim is to ensure that rigorous grounding in the basic building blocks of financial life management is offered to all young people, and that those who were excluded from this when growing up can later access comprehensive, simple and, where necessary, bespoke learning resources to build their knowledge and confidence.

This plan aims to balance our work in a number of ways:

  • We will develop content to educate
  • We will lobby for policy change from government and for better practices from financial services providers 
  • We will collect data and conduct research to better understand the gaps in financial literacy and their causes, building on and propagating any good material that exists already.

Supported by the world’s premier brand in financial journalism and a high calibre board of founding trustees, the charity aims to become the global hub for content and information on financial literacy.