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Executive Director (FLIC)

(Maternity Cover)

at Financial Times, London

Appointment terms

Salary: £80,000

Hours: Full time with flexible hours. Core hours are 10am to 4pm.

Location: Hybrid. St. Paul’s, Central London three days per week and remote working.

Reporting to: Board of Trustees, chaired by Financial Times Deputy Editor

Closing date: April 30th 2024

Team culture: A sociable, collaborative team of focused and multi-talented people within the charity and across the broader FT.

Other benefits: FT FLIC benefits from a modern, vibrant office in the City, with a beautiful rooftop garden and subsidised canteen. There is also a very generous double matched pension scheme (up to 6% for under 45s, 8% for over). The charity benefits from inclusion in FT group social functions.


The FT Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign (FLIC), the fast-expanding financial literacy charity founded by the Financial Times, promotes financial literacy where it is needed most to have a significant, sustainable societal impact. The charity has been working at the grassroots with young people in schools, gig economy workers and online learning environments across the UK, as well as on a policy level by pursuing lobbying campaigns, with the mission of making a dent in the global scandal of financial illiteracy.

About FT FLIC’s programmes

FT FLIC has developed a comprehensive spiral financial literacy curriculum for secondary schools catering for a range of learning styles and abilities, with input from FT journalists, teachers and beneficiaries. The content includes discussion, reflection and dynamic videos co-created with selected influencers. The material focuses on relevant and ‘just in time’ information, for example, helping young people navigate their first payslips when they become legally able to work.

FT FLIC has also built a programme for adult learners from disenfranchised communities offering bespoke money management tools to help address modern ways of working. We are proud of how this project addresses new realities of working, moving away from ‘one man, one salary’ and helping adults manage variable incomes and plan for lean periods.

About FT FLIC’s Board

Our Chair, Patrick Jenkins, is Deputy Editor at the FT. Trustees include senior leaders

from the FT, the City and the education sector. See the team and board here.

Funding structure and finances

We are in a strong financial position and maintain reserves to cover at least six months of running costs. Funding comes from various sources, including major donors, institutional funders, trusts and foundations, corporates, and the FT’s seasonal appeal.

We have significant committed funds over the next three years from an institutional funder for the provision of an adult learning programme and numerous unrestricted multi-year commitments from individuals. As the charity continues to grow we are looking to capitalise upon new fundraising opportunities over the course of the next year and beyond.

About FT FLIC’s Team

We have a small, but highly effective team of seven staff, bringing a diverse skill-set spanning education, outreach, fundraising, video, design and operations.

Two are qualified teachers who have taught in disadvantaged communities. Many have previously worked at large national charities. We bring this insight together with the FT journalists’ and editors’ world-leading expertise to best serve our target communities.

“This is an innovative and collaborative team that is driven by purpose, with beneficiaries at the centre of everything we do.”

Chantelle, Head of content

“Working at FLIC provides many opportunities to both apply previous experience as well as learn about new areas to add to my professional skill set. The team’s approach gives us all an understanding of each other’s areas of work, and we are well informed of the strategic direction of the charity. This means that collectively we are incredibly passionate about delivering upon the charity’s mission in order to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives.”

Neal, Head of fundraising

It’s really refreshing to be a part of such a collaborative and dynamic team. I particularly enjoy how we’re not afraid to veer from conventional pathways in order to maximise impact.”

Niki, Social media and video manager

The role

We’re looking for a capable leader who demonstrates a deep understanding of frontline charity operations as well as a grasp of our mission and the charity’s potential. You will move seamlessly between trustee and donor meetings, high-level stakeholder engagement meetings, providing guidance and oversight on the partnerships and video and written content that centre our beneficiaries. You will consistently collaborate with and champion both our talented team and FT volunteers. The core workflow of the nine-month tenure will focus on three main areas: managing the distribution of FLIC’s school curriculum, overseeing and supporting the adult learning strategy (a grant-funded three-year project) alongside maintaining and supporting the charity’s core functions; specifically HR, finance and fundraising needs.

Key responsibilities

  • Manage strategic consistency: manage and communicate concise strategic milestones for the adult and young persons’ learning streams, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), targets, and performance assessment methods that align team and organisational actions and decisions with the overarching goals of the charity. Ensure adherence to these, particularly ensuring the charity’s resources are effectively allocated toward its key priorities.
  • Foster and facilitate efforts with the board, staff members, educators, volunteers, young people and communities, encouraging them to contribute their expertise, insights, and innovative ideas to shape FLIC’s output and gain their commitment.
  • Prioritise the input and feedback of the beneficiaries the charity serves.
  • Uphold and continue to cultivate an environment that fosters ongoing learning and innovation, where individuals feel encouraged to share perspectives and ideas, balanced with a high level of staff ownership and accountability.
  • Collaborate with trustees, FT mentors and staff to maintain a skilled, supportive, empowered, and content team.
  • Lead, champion and model the charity’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, ensuring these values are prioritised within the organisation and that individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives are fully integrated into the staff, board, and decision-making processes.
  • With support from the trustees and FT Liaison, effectively leverage the skills, support and expertise available across the wider FT company.
  • Collaborate with the Head of fundraising to develop and adjust an evolving fundraising strategy for FLIC that allows for sustainable growth while upholding the charity’s flexibility, responsiveness, integrity and credibility.
  • Support the Head of fundraising to achieve targets for securing new income, and with preparing accurate and comprehensive budgets for proposals/applications.
  • Develop and manage fundraising processes and tools that provide long-term health of the fundraising pipeline.
  • Expand fundraising opportunities through networking and representation at external events, fostering similar engagement within the fundraising team.
  • Cultivate productive, supportive relationships with funders, supporters, and internal stakeholders to enhance the charity’s income.
  • Support the improvement of fundraising operations, processes, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems through the development of the Operations lead and the Head of fundraising.
  • Financial Management: Ensure the charity’s long-term financial stability through:Producing precise and comprehensive management accounts and financial analyses with support from the charity’s trustees, Financial controller and accounting team.
  • Supervise and support the Strategic partnerships manager to develop both the schools distribution and adult learning programmes to meet KPIs and targets for both. Offer the ideas and practical support needed for their key task of distribution of the charity’s new whole school curriculum. This role may involve contract negotiation with partner organisations- e.g. schools marketing firms, other charities, local authorities.
  • Support the Strategic partnerships manager in strengthening, nurturing and growing existing partnerships, including schools and multi-academy trusts, as well as organisations such as youth and community groups and football foundations, in order to maximise educational outcomes for FT FLIC and its partners.
  • Collaboration with the team and Operations lead to enhance the charity’s existing policies, processes, practices, and team capabilities where necessary, ensuring operational excellence and sufficient resources to execute plans effectively.
  • Programme Growth: By supporting and championing the content team, lead the expansion of FLIC’s adult learning program and impact, ensuring the charity meets its yearly milestones, in service of its 3-year targets.
  • Maintain and continue to cultivate a robust network of supporters, advisors, volunteers, and peers, contributing actively to formal and informal knowledge-sharing networks.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the wider FT FLIC team and external partners to ensure audiences, volunteers, and participants are engaged appropriately through updates, newsletters, workshops or events.
  • Improve and embed the charity’s visibility and credibility through FT editorial coverage and campaigns alongside securing impactful speaking and promotional opportunities.
  • Board engagement: Provide concise bimonthly progress reports to the trustees, accessing trustee expertise and support board effectively. Be responsive and available for trustee feedback and suggestions.
  • Risk management: Regularly review major organisational risks with the board and establish mitigation plans.
  • Policies: Collaborate with the charity’s legal, data-security, tax, and HR specialist volunteers to ensure compliance with relevant policies and practices.
  • Statutory and compliance duties: Work with the board, financial controller and independent examiners to ensure the charity fulfils its statutory obligations accurately and punctually.


Key requirements

  • Extensive experience in a strategic-level role within a social-purpose organisation, where you have demonstrably grown and evaluated organisational impact, managing a high-performing team with integrity and fairness.
  • Fundraising experience within a social-purpose organisation, as well as experience of the subsequent major donor stewardship and reporting.
  • In-depth understanding of the challenges of fundraising through trusts, foundations and corporate partnerships.
  • Knowledge of the problem and the people that FLIC is addressing- a nuanced understanding and potential personal experience of the impact of financial literacy and inclusion.
  • Understanding of the opportunities, challenges and good practices involved in promoting diversity and inclusion, both within an organisation and externally.
  • Ability to balance high-quality day-to-day performance with the identification and management of medium-term strategic risks and opportunities in a complex and sometimes ambiguous environment.
  • Clear and compelling communication skills that can engage and align diverse stakeholders with the charity’s vision, mission and work.
  • Resilience and determination to uphold highest quality standards in the face of challenges.
  • Competent and proactive financial and HR management mindset, with the requisite skills to follow existing systems and processes, adjusting if necessary.

To apply

Send CV and covering letter (no more than two sides of A4 paper) to Aimée Allam:

Volunteer at FLIC

Please email with skills you have to offer, and we will get back to you as and when we have suitable opportunities for you.