Does your organisation support low paid workers?

Making your money work, for gig workers

UK gig workers have been adversely affected by the pandemic. To help these workers, FT FLIC is producing a course on the basic building blocks of managing your money.

From couriers to cleaners, term-time teaching assistants to porters, the course builds knowledge around financial stability for those whose income is not always stable.

Learners will come away with tools to manage their money and understand their payslips and entitlements. Whether they have multiple jobs or varying paydays, these tools will give them the confidence to manage their budgets and understand their finances.

Sessions will be interactive and include videos, activities, quizzes and polls – all made in partnership with learners. We are now seeking partners to build our delivery around learners’ needs. 

This includes collaborating with unions, employers and charities to reach people whose pay is low or irregular.


Course topics will include:

How not to run out of money (including budgeting, understanding and planning for emergencies/rising living costs)

Getting paid (covering zero-hours contracts, pay deductions, pensions etc)

How to avoid losing money (understanding gambling and scams)

We aim to work collaboratively on the production and delivery, tailoring resources to workers’ personal finance needs. Money is a sensitive subject, and we will work with partners to ensure the training is delivered in the most effective way, whether online or face to face.

Get involved

If you support vulnerable staff or know any organisations that do, please get in touch with Katy: