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Money Clinic podcast: the mini-budget’s maxi impact

Who wins and who loses in Truss and Kwarteng’s overhaul of tax rates

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: cooking hacks to keep your food bill down

How much does the way you prepare your meals affect how much you are spending?

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: supermarket hacks to keep your food bill down

Claer Barrett takes to the supermarket aisles to find the best tips for keeping the cost to a minimum

Financial Times

Personal inflation calculator: what is your inflation rate?

As the cost of living continues to rise, find out how much inflation could affect your personal finances

Financial Times

Have lunch with FT’s Martin Wolf or Claer Barrett

Bid for your chance to meet FT columnists in the Flic charity auction

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A ‘back to school’ moment for your finances

Budget-busting challenges ahead mean everyone needs to check their sums this autumn

Financial Times

Don’t let energy price wars nuke our personal finances

As price cap heralds 80% rise in bills this winter, there’s no time to waste

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: Could you retire in your thirties with FIRE?

What the movement can teach us about investing and living a more meaningful life

Financial Times

Tech Tonic podcast: A sceptic’s guide to crypto

After the crash, why do so many people still believe crypto has a future?

Financial Times

Workers halt pension savings as cost of living crisis bites

Warning over long-term damage to retirement funds

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: Help, I’ve been priced out of the rental market

Practical tips for renters dealing with rent increases and bidding wars

Financial Times

Cost of living crisis pushes households to breaking point

Community lenders are struggling to meet unprecedented demand as the desperate seek loans to cover food and bills

Financial Times

Support surges for campaigners urging non-payment of energy bills

Experts warn consumers that halting direct debits could mean higher bills and poorer credit scores

Financial Times

Video: Fighting financial exclusion in the Gypsy and Traveller community

Already marginalised, they face further problems when it comes to obtaining home and car insurance, or even banking access

Financial Times

Are you due a share of £50bn of lost assets?

More effort should go into tracking down the owners of lost accounts

Financial Times

Victims of financial crime suffer psychological shocks

Campaign group report attacks UK’s regulatory framework for financial services

Financial Times

Employers urged to help workers navigate stresses of cost of living crisis

Mounting money worries spark calls for companies to support workers’ financial wellbeing

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: How can I improve my credit score?

Experts bust the myths

Financial Times

Father’s Day advice for new investors

As markets turn bearish, will young investors run screaming into the woods?

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: Dad, mum or the internet?

Young people are turning to the internet — rather than their parents — to learn about money

Financial Times

UK’s credit gap will gape in this cost of living crisis

Illegal money lending appears to be rising as higher energy and food bills push those in need towards loan sharks

Financial Times

A jubilee year for the state pension?

Through the generations, women need to ensure they will have cause to celebrate in retirement

Financial Times

Hard lessons from the crypto crash

Can anything challenge the belief that investing in digital assets is a guaranteed route to riches?

Financial Times

UK households resort to ‘buy now pay later’ loans to cover energy bills

Consumer groups say use of finance schemes points to deepening of cost of living crisis

Financial Times

Instagram must stop the scammers targeting Gen Z

Cloned accounts con followers of genuine financial content creators out of thousands

Financial Times

Q&A: A guide for Ukrainian refugees and their UK hosts

How to navigate finances, benefits, employment rules and avoid sticky situations

Financial Times

Cancelling Netflix won’t solve energy price crunch

Extreme energy rationing shows growing desperation of people in fuel poverty

Financial Times

What can the Rolling Stones teach us about financial literacy?

How the demographics of the super group’s fan base are tuned in to retirement planning

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: Should I save for a property or a pension?

As wages fail to keep pace with soaring property prices, younger investors face tough choices

Financial Times

Young people scammed on Instagram highlight UK surge in online crime

Efforts to tackle steep rise in fraud are stymied by under-resourced and outdated strategies

Financial Times

Basic maths skills oil the wheels of financial literacy

The biggest service we could do for future financial literacy is to embed mathematical skills for today’s pupils

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: Budget to beat the rising cost of living

With ‘Awful April’ around the corner, budgeting is a skill everyone needs to master

Financial Times

The best financial rule I ever learnt? Open the bills

Emotion plays a surprising role in our understanding of personal finance

Financial Times

The UK ‘back to the office budget’ does not add up for women

Working flexibly could save money, but at what cost to their careers?

Financial Times

Seven things women need to know about money

Experts share inspirational tips on how to transform your finances

Financial Times

‘Buy now pay later’ boom fuels consumer debt concerns as transactions soar

Regulators scrutinise sector that allows customers to delay payments

Financial Times

Improving financial literacy must be a priority for Europe

One in three EU households are unable to meet unexpected shocks to their finances

Financial Times

Half of UK adults need ‘urgent help’ managing their money

Consumers say better financial education would reduce indebtedness

Financial Times

Beware the property trap ensnaring young buyers

Under-40s find the Lifetime Isa has shortlived benefits

Financial Times

Money Clinic podcast: The ultimate tax return guide

The ins and outs of self-assessment ahead of the January 31 deadline

Financial Times

The struggles of migrants to build a business

Despite many obstacles, new arrivals have a record of entrepreneurship

Financial Times

Lucy Kellaway’s crypto classroom confessions

Lucy Kellaway, Patrick Jenkins and Peter Spiegel talk financial literacy with Claer Barrett

Financial Times

Teaching personal finance with hair extensions

Ex-banker wins teaching prize with novel lessons on the cost of consumer credit

Financial Times

Repeat – What’s your financial New Year’s resolution?

Investments, will-writing and other financial resolutions for the 2022 to-do list

Financial Times

Should you invest in a startup?

Angel investors can expect to kiss a lot of frogs — so beware of handing over more capital than you can afford to lose

Financial Times

Do you pay too much for financial advice?

Clients expect ‘advice by Zoom’ to be cheaper than face-to-face

Financial Times

How can I use Isas to invest or buy a property?

A complete guide to the UK’s tax-free savings accounts

Financial Times

Interactive Investor shares open letter on financial education

Letter to the education secretary and Financial Services Consumer panel calls for a series of urgent measures 

Interactive Investor

FT launches first Christmas appeal to benefit its new charity

The Financial Times has launched its annual Seasonal Appeal

UK Fundraising

Don’t dismiss UK banking’s ‘consumer duty’ as fluff

Done properly, the regulation could mean upheaval for the sector and be a force for financial literacy and inclusion

Financial Times

Courtney Love: why you’ve got to do the math

As part of the FT Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, the musician shares her story about making – and losing – a fortune

Financial Times

How safe are digital assets?

How do digital assets work and how does the underlying blockchain technology support them?

Financial Times

Calling all teenagers: could you write an article for the FT?

The annual competition offers cash prizes and more

Financial Times

Vanishing cash means ‘digital literacy’ is vital

Teaching children to be financially literate comes at a cost


Financial Times

China fights a financial fraud explosion

Tens of thousands are falling victim to fraud despite government attempts to combat the scammers

Financial Times

Repeat – Help! I need to sort out my pensions

How to manage your pension pots and state pension contributions

Financial Times

UK Treasury minister backs calls for tighter rules to tackle online fraud

John Glen ‘sympathetic’ to holding tech companies responsible for addressing fake ads

Financial Times

Low adult numeracy is holding the UK back

Confidence-boosting can help people with a fear of numbers
into better jobs, breaking the generational low-skills cycle

Financial Times

Cryptocurrencies: how regulators lost control

How did regulators lose control and can they get a grip now?
Or is there a danger that overregulation stifles innovation?

Financial Times

How to ask for a pay rise – and get one!

This week, Money Clinic is having a pay rise takeover – we’ll be pulling apart that big, scary box labelled ‘Asking for a pay rise’

Financial Times

FT readers respond: Cryptocurrency in the classroom

Can schoolchildren learn the value of money via trading apps?


Financial Times

Crypto in the classroom

In an age when trading apps have made investment cool, understanding money is more important than ever

Financial Times

Real Living Wage rises to £9.90 an hour

More than 300,000 people are getting a pay boost of 40p to £9.90 an hour

BBC News

Simple rules for managing your money

Learning how to budget is a vital skill to master at the beginning of a career

Financial Times

Low-income households ‘priced out’ of insurance market

Higher cost of cover is biggest contributor to ‘poverty premium’ as increasing use of data leads to closer risk profiling

Financial Times

The perils of making a fortune at a young age

Young sports stars and celebrities face big challenges managing life-changing pots of money

Financial Times

Students in the state must pass financial literacy test

Ohio governor Mike DeWine has signed into law a bill that requires students to pass a financial literacy program to graduate


Sunak backs £560m numeracy plan

Scheme aims to raise skills and raise earnings

Financial Times

First-ever financial education textbook lands in schools

All 3,400 state-funded secondary schools in England will get 100 free copies of a financial education textbook


Low adult numeracy is holding the UK back

Confidence-boosting can help people with a fear of numbers into better jobs, breaking the generational low-skills cycle

Financial Times

Ola MajekodunmiMeet FLIC’s first influencer

Ola Majekodunmi is working with FLIC to narrow the financial literacy gap by producing content for use in schools and online


The financial secrets of footballers, part one

Sol Campbell shares what it’s like to earn serious money as a footballer on the Money Clinic podcast with the FT’s Claer Barett

Financial Times

We need people to know the ABC of finance’: facing up to the financial literacy crisis

Economist Annamaria Lusardi helps young people gain skills to manage their money

Financial Times

Ex-Prime Minister backs new Financial Times charity

Gordon Brown has thrown his support behind a new charity aimed at boosting the financial literacy in the UK.


UK schools failing students on financial literacy

British schools are failing to teach pupils about personal finance, new research has shown.

Yahoo! Finance

FT poll shows 90% learnt ‘little or nothing’ about finance at school

The Financial Times has launched a new charity endorsed by the former prime minister Gordon Brown

IFA Magazine

Why financial literacy is a passport to financial freedom

Support the FT’s campaign to improve prospects of millions in Britain and around the world

Financial Times

How a new FT campaign will provide financial knowledge to those who need it most

We aim to combat the ways in which society makes it so expensive to be poor

Financial Times

The lasting legacy of financial literacy

The FT supports a new charity to improve public understanding of money

Financial Times

Letter from the editor on the FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign

The Financial Times launches its bold new charitable initiative

Financial Times

How much is bad maths costing Britain?

Plain Numbers Project doubles the number of consumers who understand their bills

Financial Times

Meet the teen investors of the future

Winners of the FT’s personal finance competition see beyond meme stocks

Financial Times

Why financial literacy matters more than ever

As the economic climate worsens, the FT’s new foundation aims to help improve money management skills for the most vulnerable

Financial Times

Lack of confidence is impeding women’s financial literacy, study finds

Nervousness in money matters may have ramifications for gender equality struggle, researchers believe

Financial Times

Letter from the editor on the FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign

The Financial Times is to launch a new, ambitious charitable initiative

Financial Times

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